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2020 EDPMA Special Projects Fund
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The Advocacy Fund pays for the advocacy, programs and services that provide you a marketplace edge. Funded entirely by generous donations from members, the Advocacy Fund provides EDPMA with a revenue stream beyond standard dues that allows the organization to advance its advocacy agenda. Thus, while membership dues support the organization in general, contributions to the Advocacy Fund are earmarked for specific policy initiatives that will make a difference for all of our members.

From the bottom-line benefits of EDPMA’s policy victories to collective action through EDPMA’s committees, EDPMA continues to lead the way in consultation with the federal government on issues including Medicare pay-for-performance, undocumented aliens, EMTALA and prudent layperson, professional liability, managed care, provider enrollment, and Medicare payment.

If you appreciate the advocacy work that EDPMA does on your behalf as well as the work that we do to support your own advocacy efforts, please consider a corporate donation to the Advocacy Fund. Your contributions will ensure that EDPMA will continue to participate in the policy-making process on your behalf.

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