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EM4 - Digital Basics Study Guide Download
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EM4 - The fourth study guide released in the EM series
-Available in downloadable version only-

The EM-series of study guides gives students the knowledge they need to qualify as entry-level technicians, and provides the necessary foundation for further studies in specialized fields. The study guides are closely coordinated with the ETA competencies and exams. Each study guide builds on the one before it. Together they form an efficient, no-time-wasted path to knowledge and certification.

The basic goal of the study guides is the same as the goal of the EM certi
fications themselves: each milestone on the way to eventual mastery is useful in and of itself, giving students immediately useful information and permitting them to earn graduated certifications commensurate with their growing knowledge.

EM4 covers such topics as:

  • Digital concepts: analog vs. digital, decimal vs. binary
  • Binary arithmetic, including octal and hex notation
  • Boolean logic
  • Other logic functions: bit manipulation, shifting, flip-flop etc
  • Digital electronic circuitry and issues such as gate delay, race states
  • Computer architecture
  • Peripherals
  • Programming concepts
  • Microprocessors, microcontrollers, PLAs
  • Machine control, servo loops, PID, PLC
  • Mixed digital/analog, D-A and A-D converters
  • Basic digital signal processing
  • Digital generation of analog waveforms
  • Servicing digital equipment

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Available in downloadable format only


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