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Wood and Timber Condition Assessment Manual (#7239)
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The deterioration of an in-service wood member may result from a variety of causes during the life of a structure. It is important, therefore, to periodically examine wood used in structures to determine the extent of deterioration so that degraded members may be replaced or repaired to avoid structural failure. Inspection professionals use a wide variety of techniques to assess the condition of wood in service. Visual, mechanical probing, and stress wave or ultrasound-based techniques are all used either individually or in combination by inspectors. While these techniques are based on solid technical information and supporting research, no practical, comprehensive manual exists where information on inspection of wood in service can be found. This manual, by Robert J. Ross, Brian K. Brashaw, Xiping Wang, Robert H. White, and Roy F. Pellerin, is an attempt to address this need.

This manual is organized into six chapters. Chapters One through Three present background information on techniques currently used by inspectors, which include information on visual inspection techniques, mechanical coring or probing techniques, and stress wave or ultrasound-based techniques. Included in each chapter is a detailed description of the technique, a list of currently available tools and where they can be obtained, and guidelines for their use. Each chapter concludes with a list of references that serve as the technical base for the technique. Chapter Four is devoted to inspection of fire-damaged wood. Chapter Five includes a sample report. Summaries of several inspections are included in Chapter Six.

Copyright 2004, 8-1/2 by 11 spiral bound, 74 pages, #7239