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Webinar - What's on the Horizon?
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Lori A. Hoffner, Trainer and Consultant
Supporting CommUnity, Inc.

A workplace with multiple generations continues with the incoming Generation Z. Understanding the dynamics of this younger group gives you a better opportunity for retention of members of this generation either as staff or as a consumer. Together we will learn the similarities and differences between the Gen Y/Millennials and the up-and-coming Gen Z generations. Better understand how today’s young adults, teens and youth think and behave in order to benefit your organization. We will discuss trends in education, employment and the offline experience and how it impacts the way the younger generations interact in the “real world”. You’ll learn how to create an environment of cooperation and open-mindedness that will help you communicate across these unique and powerful groups. 

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the nuances of a Xennial, Millennial, and Gen Z and why understanding both the differences and similarities within those generations provides invaluable awareness for retention. 

  • Define personal or individualized branding and why it’s important for staffing and customers that are a part of the younger generations. 

  • Outline effective leadership styles and the power of mentor relationships in the workplace for both the younger Millennial and Gen Z.


1 CEUs