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GWA Webinar Series Recording: "Garden Trends 2019" with Katie Dubow
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2019 Garden Trends
RECORDED Thursday, September 20

The GWA Webinar Series features topics and speakers focused on building your business and your career. To access, all you need is a computer, phone or tablet.

Global trendspotter, Katie Dubow, will teach you how to apply new research and inside information to help you grow your brand and stay relevant. From disconnecting from digital media and reconnecting with Mother Nature, you will pick up new tricks to garner loyal fans, create new brand ambassadors and ultimately increase sales. 

About Katie Dubow

Katie Dubow is creative director at Garden Media Group, a public relations firm that specializes in the lawn and garden industry. Find her enhancing brands’ reputations, building killer campaigns and launching new products at the firm’s world headquarters, and only location, in Kennett Square, PA. Katie has worked first hand with influencers at People Magazine, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, and Better Homes and Gardens. Her goal is to convince people that brown thumbs can, in fact, be turned green. Previously, she worked in public relations & marketing for both CBS and Liz Claiborne, helping them bring their brands into the 21st century. Katie received a degree in communications from Northeastern University. In her spare time she practices Bikram yoga and watches the sunset with her husband, daughters, dogs and chickens in their garden.

Find her @KatieGMG 
Creative Director, Garden Media Group


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