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GardenComm Webinar Series: Mastering Mobile Photography with Jennifer Packard
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GardenComm Webinar Series: "Mastering Mobile Photography" with Jennifer Packard

In this day and age nothing is more convenient than being able to whip out your smartphone to take a photograph. However, it’s often the case that the resulting photograph looks quite different from how we saw the scene with our eyes. This is understandably frustrating! Join me in a webinar that will provide you with some solid tips and tricks to help with mastering the camera and apps on your phone so you can be ready to photograph any scene or object with confidence and get exactly the photograph you want in the gardening community and beyond.

About Jennifer Packard 

Jennifer Packard is a photographer who grew up in Western North Carolina and also spent 14 years living in the Pacific Northwest. Photography has been a passion of hers since the days of film cameras when she took courses in college that covered everything from composition and photography to film processing and print development. One of her lifelong goals has been to travel as much of the world as possible and document those experiences through digital photography. She’s been to South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, and Scotland, having completed intensive landscape photography workshops on the Isle of Sky in Scotland and in the American Southwest. She fully admits to choosing her mobile phone based on the quality of the camera it contains and anyone who spends time with her has gotten used to stopping at random intervals so that she can capture a photograph of something she finds fascinating.