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GardenComm Webinar Series: "From Brand to Byline" with Megy Karydes
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GardenComm Webinar Series: "From Brand to Byline" with Megy Karydes

As writers, we’re often the ones interviewing sources but rarely consider being a source as a form of marketing our work. While we often shun “exposure” as a form of compensation, exposure as a marketing tactic can help build your platform and make you more desirable to editors. This workshop will lead attendees through the process of building a marketing plan for themselves.

About Medy Karydes

Megy Karydes is a Chicago-based writer whose byline has appeared in Rodale's Organic Life, USA Today, The Atlantic's CityLab, National Geographic's The Plate,,,,, Chicago Tribune and other outlets. She often writes about health, entrepreneurship, marketing, food, travel, and sustainability. She’s also president of Karydes Consulting, where she consults with businesses and non-profits on marketing and communications efforts. She also teaches graduate-level communication courses as an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University.