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GWA Webinar Series Recording: "The Hero's Journey & the Garden" with Mary-Kate Mackey
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The Hero's Journey & the Garden: A Writing Structure You Can Always Use
Recorded Wednesday, March 21

The GWA Webinar Series features topics and speakers focused on building your business and your career. To access, all you need is a computer, phone or tablet.

The act of gardening can be likened to taking the Hero's Journey—a common story form that appears in every culture, living or dead. Why not borrow this familiar fictional framework to save time and boost creativity for your next garden writing, photography, or marketing task? Mary-Kate Mackey's webinar explores the structure and gives you the familiarity with the form so you apply it in many different situations. Discover how you can move quickly to the heart of your story—every time.

About Mary-Kate Mackey

Mary-Kate Mackey is a lively and engaging speaker who has presented her horticultural writing seminars around the United States. She honed her signature teaching tools and techniques during 14 years at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. These have been compiled in her latest book, Write Better Right Now—a reluctant writer’s guide to confident communication and self-assure style. A multi-award garden writer, she co-authored of Sunset’s Secret Gardens—153 Design Tips from the Pros and contributed to the Sunset Western Garden Book and Gardening in the Northwest. Her one-hundred-plus articles have appeared in numerous national magazines including Fine Gardening, Horticulture, and Country Gardens. Online, she writes a monthly column for the Hartley-Botanic Greenhouse U.S. website.


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