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Recording - Instagram for Garden Communicators with Grace Hensley
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GardenComm Webinar Series: "Instagram for Garden Communicators" by Grace Hensley

A picture is worth what? It’s really hard to read those 1000 carefully chosen words on your tiny Instagram screen.  Learn how to create and leverage thumb-stopping images to talk about your garden writing (and podcasting), and engage with your audience on Social Media.  Preserve your sanity with analytic and planning tools to keep Social Media from squashing your creativity.

About Grace Hensley

Grace Hensley runs Fashion Plants, a business strategy and digital marketing company she founded to keep busy while raising two young sons, after a career in biotechnology.  As a professional photographer, she became interested in garden communication and social media trends to help you talk about your business on social. She is a Certified Professional Horticulturist and continues to work in seasonal container design to remain current with the hot new plants. Plus, she’s addicted to soil.