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Merchandise Details
Crisis Management & Communication Professional (CMCP) Certification Exam
Sorry for the inconvenience, this item is no longer available.

Member Price$150.00
Non-Member Price$150.00
Merchandise Description
The CMCP Certification Exam consists of 8 short answer or “memo” questions. Each question is from a senior manager who is asking you a question that he/she would like clarified. Answer each of the 8 questions in a 250-450 word memorandum. Your answer should be well constructed, as if you really were responding to a supervisor.

You have 4 hours total for the exam – so estimate 30 minutes for each response. Think of your responses as your 2-minute elevator speech or your 2-minute presentation on a topic to senior management.

You may use a page layout in memo form if you find that psychologically helpful. The writing should be informal and answer the questions specifically.
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