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Certified Organizational Resilience Manager (CORM)
Sorry for the inconvenience, this item is no longer available.

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Merchandise Description

Certified Organizational Resilience Manager (CORM)
The OR Manager Certification is reserved for applicants who serve as a leader of a business unit or a manager of a department within their organization overseeing two or more disciplines as defined in ICOR’s University. The applicant receiving this credential would be responsible for the resiliency of the business unit or department for which he is responsible. 

These candidates would usually have daily management and operational control for a discipline that supports resiliency.  For example, they may be the risk manager, the security manager, the BC manager, or the data security manager. An OR Manager would report to someone in senior management.

Those applying for the OR Manager Certification who work in the public sector might work within the government structure at a local level and have direct responsibility for continuity of government and operations, reporting to senior management.  At the emergency management level, this applicant might be responsible for emergency management for a local village or town.

In addition, applicants may be in a management position in an organization that supports resiliency and provides resiliency services to other organizations as a vendor or consultant.  Applicants will also be considered who serve on an editorial advisory board or writes a regular column for a magazine or for applicants who support those who serve in a leadership role in delivering conferences that support resiliency.

Applicants should meet several of the following qualifying elements:
• Applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree from a college or university or the equivalent. 
• At least 5 years experience in two or more disciplines of ICOR University
• Have earned a minimum of 5 CEU’s (50 hours) of professional development credit
   within 2 or more the disciplines of ICOR University. (cumulative – not in each discipline)
• Certified in at least 2 of the disciplines of ICOR University
• Author articles in an internal magazine or periodical that supports resiliency.
• Facilitate educational workshops internal to your organization or at conferences
   that support resiliency.

Applicants can earn ICOR credentials or CEU’s by: 
• Holding existing credentialing with organizations recognized by ICOR within each
   ICOR University discipline
• Taking professional development courses / workshops and attending conferences
   recognized in ICOR’s University
*Credentialing can be earned through educational offerings that are either provided by ICOR or endorsed and recognized by ICOR, but provided by other organizations.

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