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HR 1020: Developing a Resilient Workforce - Elearning
Member Price$295.00
Non-Member Price$295.00
Merchandise Description

HR 1020: Developing a Resilient Workforce - Elearning


Audience: HR personnel, those responsible for training and personnel development, and OR leadership.

Description: No one can argue today’s workplace environment is becoming more turbulent. In the midst of this hectic arena, employees and management alike are looking for answers to help them improve performance. A workforce that has a diversity of skills, leadership, knowledge and experience is a contributing factor to enhancing the resilience of an organization.

People who are properly selected, motivated, equipped and led will overcome almost any obstacle or disruption. To harness people’s incredible ability to lead and respond during changing circumstances requires a systematic strategy for people selection and people support.

This workshop explores the skills and competencies necessary in a workforce that can ensure effective delivery
of organizational objectives in a changing world.

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