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Webinar Recording 2/17/22: Personnel-The Americans with Disabilities Act Update: Impact of COVID-19
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The Americans with Disabilities Act Update: The Impact of COVID-19


In this webinar, Jonathan Mook will present an overview of significant ADA developments that occurred in 2021, particularly as they concern the COVID-19 pandemic.  Issues such as whether COVID-19 (and, in particular, long COVID) is a “disability,” the applicability of the ADA’s direct threat defense to COVID-19, incentives an employer may offer employees to get a COVID-19 shot, and whether vaccination status and COVID-19 test results are protected medical information will be discussed.  Jonathan also will offer a preview of emerging ADA issues that municipalities can expect to face in 2022, including assessing medical and religious exemptions to mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements and the expansion of telework as a reasonable accommodation.


Speaker: Jonathan Mook & Robin Cross