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Webinar Recording 2/9/2021: Preemption - The Post-Election Preemption Landscape
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The Post-Election Preemption Landscape 


The results from the November 2020 elections will have consequences for state-local government relationships across the nation. The balance of power and ability for the federal, state, and local governments to work together is critical to respond to the demands of the pandemic, strengthen the systems upholding our democracy, and address the calls for justice for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.  Local governments will continue to be on the front lines of myriad critical issues and will continue to be impacted by past and potential state interference that has – and intends to – thwart the ability of local governments to effectively meet the needs of their communities.

This webinar will map the changes in terrain caused by the 2020 elections, including local public health protections, workplace safety, local fiscal authority, redistricting, and criminal justice and police reform with the goal of sharing and exploring trends and informing local solutions to meet our country’s ongoing challenges.


Speaker: Kim Haddow & Rick Su