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Webinar Recording 9/22/22: Land Use - Equity in Property Assessments and Zoning
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Equity in Property Assessments and Zoning


Real estate taxes are an important source of income for most local governments.  Property assessments should be fair and equitable in order to ensure that all property owners pay their fair share, but no more. This program will include discussion of historic and current inequities in property assessments, and current thinking on ways to reduce these inequities.

Zoning codes and decisions by zoning boards have a significant impact on the lives and livelihoods of residents.  Because of this widespread impact, it is important that a variety of stakeholders have access to the zoning process in order to provide input on issues in their communities.  This presentation will first review the various stakeholders in zoning matters and how they are impacted, followed by a discussion of the challenges to equitable access and outcomes in zoning.

Faculty members are an attorney who counsels the Philadelphia Office of Property Assessment, in addition to defending assessment appeals; and an attorney who is counsel to the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment.


Speaker: Amy Galer & Hilary Emerson