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Driver Qualification File Packet - 1242
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Merchandise Description
  • Keep your driver qualification files in one secure location
  • Includes driver’s name and date of qualification on front cover of file folder
  • Each file packet includes a 9-1/2" W x 11-3/4" tabbed file folder and the following forms:

    • Certificate of Qualification/Road Test Pocket Card(6-BC, 7-BC)
    • Driver Record Card(418-F)
    • Application For Employment(15-F)
    • Additional Employment History Information(425-F)
    • Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure Statement(16-F-A)
    • Request For Check of Driving Record(16-F)
    • Record of Road Test(13-F)
    • Record of Violations/Annual Review Certificate(643-F)
    • Certificate of Compliance(90-F)
    • Driver's Statement Of On-Duty Hours-New Hire(644-F)
    • Employment Eligibility Verification I-9(91-FS-C3)
    • Medical Examination Report(649-F)
    • Medical Examiner's Certificate - Laminated (657-FS-L2)
    • Checklist For Qualification Of New Drivers(21-F)
    • Driver Qualification File Contents Sheet (426-F)