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Single Branch Regular
Member Price$750.00
New Member Price$750.00
Membership Description

Your firm should apply for Single Branch Regular membership if you are a lender where only one branch is located in North or South Carolina, the company opts not to join as a regular member and the branch is not also the home office of the lender.

Single Branch Regular membership does not include MBAC voting privileges. 

An application for membership must accompany payment.




The application may be faxed to (704) 625-7195 , or

mailed to:    MBAC
                     PO Box 1511
                     Huntersville, NC  28070

or e-mailed to:

Membership InformationThis is a Calendar based Membership* This Membership is eligible to be prorated based on the join/start date. If prorated, the term will be shortened and the price will be appropriately reduced.Membership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:8/5/2021Referred By:10/31/2021
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