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Home Front Soldiers
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Harold B. Morgan

Evansville (IN) and the Tri-State were greatly impacted by the WWII US Army training camps. Entire forests were felled to provide building lumber, area quarries were pledged to provide crushed stone for roads, concrete foundations, floor slabs, airport runways and training facilities. While the entire nation was ramping up for war during the crucial building year of 1942, Evansville had a lion’s share of building and construction. Crews worked every day, rain or shine, to complete the facilities needed at Camps Breckenridge and Campbell, George and Sturgis Army Air Fields so that over 70,000 service men and staff had a place to train and sleep.

This coffee-table style book features historical photos and stories that take the reader through how the Tri-State was impacted during these years. You will see how the needed infrastructure was created, how local businesses were impacted and how the community came together. Hardbound, 208 pages.


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