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There & Back: The The Vietnam War through the eyes of thoses who lived it
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 by, Lisa A. Lark 

Over the course of US involvement in Vietnam, more than 8 million men and women served in the military. A large percentage of these soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen and women were stationed in Southeast Asia. This text is a comprehensive pictorial history of the War will include interviews with Vietnam era veterans from all branches of the service, as well as in-country civilian support staff.

Beginning with a look at enlistment, boot camp and training, There and Back guides readers through the day-to-day life of the American in Vietnam. Readers will follow troops from all areas of military life in Vietnam throughout a tour of duty in Southeast Asia. Unique among many historical texts about the Vietnam Era, the majority of the descriptions of conditions and combat in Vietnam will come directly from veterans who served from 1959-1975 and participated in nearly every aspect of the War. Also included will be perspectives from American civilians working with US agencies in Southeast Asia. Hardbound, 118 pages.

There and Back is the story of The Vietnam War as seen by those who lived it: the men and women who sacrificed years of their lives to serve their country. More than 100 men and women have volunteered their memories and photographs to this timeline of the war. Including more than 300 photographs that have never before been published, There and Back brings readers close to the action, the feelings, and the memories of remarkable Americans from this critical period of American history.


118 pages

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