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Army Motors #129 *Issue 4 in 2009
Member Price$10.00
Non-Member Price$12.00
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Army Motors Issue #4 of 2009


Pershing: A History of the Medium Tank T20 Series

Steeds of Steel-A History of American Mechanized Cavalry in WWII

PANZER IV Die Deutschen Panzer Series Volume 3

Testing the M8 Light Armored Car, Part II

Heavy Artillery on the Move: Honest John Launcher

The Column of Liberation Part II: An HMV and Reenacting Event in Italy

WWII Military Vehicle Convoy Istanbul to Normandy

Touring France with an Army (..sort of)

Where in the World: Turnagain Arm Kenai Peninsula Alaska

Where in the World: At Grand Canyon

Where in the World: At Crich Tramway Village, Derbyshire, England

Where in the World: At D-Day Museum in Portsmouth, England

Red Friday Foundation of Canada

Karl Probst Bantam Drawings

Research Assistance-Canal Defense Light

Found and Blue-Gray Paint?

Operation Christmas Card 2009

Daimler Benz 1939 German Staff Car

1942 Packard Clipper army staff car

1943 Willys T-28 half-track jeep

WWII Military Vehicle Convoy Istanbul to Normandy

M8 Light Armored Car

1941 Ford C11ADF,V8 9G bhp, 4x2 Station Wagon/Heavy Utility

Water Weasel


British Army Staff car, Heavy utility 4x2 Ford WOA2

Recreated American WWII POL Point

1944 Chevrolet C15A (15 cwt, 4x4) truck

1941 Ford C11ADF Station Wagon; A Woodie War Wagon

Tips to Make Life Easier in the MVPA Hobby

The Airborne GMC-a complicated 'puzzle' to move


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