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Army Motors #130 *Issue 1 in 2010
Member Price$10.00
Non-Member Price$12.00
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Army Motors Issue #1 of 2010


Men, Toys and Warning Plate

Sherman M4 Continental R 975 C1

Land Rover 'Defender'

British SAS Jeep

3/4-ton Dodge and 1/2 Track

The Railsplitters Living History Company

Univ Carriers Pass in Review VI - Firepower, TBF Mach Guns, Chapter 3

Vickers machine gun

Propane fired .50 Cal. M2 machine gun

.30 M1919 Machine gun

Dummy Vickers machine gun


Recreating the Battle of Long Tan

M113A1 APC

M125A1 81 mm Mortar Carrier

Mack Medium Wrecker

Mercedes Benz fire truck

105 mm L5 Pack Howitzer Canon

GS Mack Truck

Mack Tanker Truck

Model P34.9 EVA Panoramic 3 tonne (2.9 ton) Telescopic Handler

GPMG M60 machine gun

Mercedes Benz U1700L Unimog GS

The Liberation of Cannes

1/2 Track and tanks lined up for display

Sherman tank

Citroen sedan


3-ton Citroen Truck


1945 Dodge WC64 ambulance

Convoy on Croisette Boulevard

Post War Rebuilding of the GMC CCKW in the French Army

Berliet GBC8KT Truck

Berliet rebuilt as a Renault GBC 180 with a 4-1/2 metric ton capacity

Tanks in Town 2009-Once More a World Record

Various Tanks

Harley-Davidson WLA

5 Stuarts of 3 generations

Daimler Armoured Car

Chevrolet T17E1 Staghound

NSU Kettenkrad

M3 Stuart Light Tank

M5A1 Stuart

T-34 Tank

M3A1 Light tank





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