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Manual of Standard Practice, Hard Cover
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NOTE: This version is being replaced by the 29th edition. The PDF version is available here. Hardcopy version will be begin shipping February 26th, 2018.

Hard Cover version
144 pp.; 28th Edition
(also available on a separate CD-ROM)

Stamped PDF version available.

Table of Contents:

  • Material Specifications for Reinforcing Bars
  • Welded Wire Reinforcement (WWR)
  • Bar Supports
  • Notes and Recommendations to the Architect/Engineer
  • Recommended Industry Practice for Estimating Reinforcing Materials and Services
  • Recommended Industry Practice for Detailing Concrete Reinforcing Steel
  • Recommended Industry Practice for Fabrication of Reinforcing Bars and Service
  • Recommended Industry Practice for Placing Reinforcing Bars
  • Recommended Industry Practice for Contract Components
  • Recommended Industry Practice for Concrete Joist Construction
  • Appendix A - U.S. Manufacturers of Grade 60 [420] and 75 [520] Concrete Reinforcing Bars
  • Appendix B - Simplified Practice Recommendation-Steel Spirals for Reinforced Concrete Columns
  • Appendix C - Recommendations for Spacing of Bars in Slabs, Walls, Mats, or Footings
  • Appendix D - Notes on Metrication
  • Appendix E - References
  • Appendix F - Corporate Members of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute
  • Glossary
  • Index
  • Bar Specifications Tables

Presenting the industry standards for reinforced concrete construction since 1927 for: Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Estimators, Detailer, Fabricators, Inspectors

The 28th edition of the Manual of Standard Practice contains information on recommended industry practices for estimating, detailing, fabricating, and placing reinforcing steel for reinforced concrete construction. Includes suggested specifications for reinforcing steel.  Chapter 3 on bar supports is commonly referenced in project specifications.  New material includes a list of specific information on structural drawings that is required by the ACI 318 Building Code and updated illustrations of the markings on Grade 60 and Grade 75 reinforcing bars.   Every design firm, construction company and inspection office that is involved with reinforced concrete needs to own a copy.

Product code: 10-MSPHARD

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