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Design and Detailing of Low-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structures: Session 2
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Session 2: Design and Detailing of Beams and One-Way Slabs
11/14/17, 120 minutes, .2 CEU/2 PDH; Available as on-demand video

This webinar presents design and detailing requirements for beams and one-way slabs in buildings assigned to SDC A through F. Included are many practical design aids and guidelines that make the design and detailing process simpler and faster.

Other sessions in the series:
Session 1:
 Guidelines for Economy and Simplified Analysis Methods; 09/12/17 (90 minutes, .15 CEU/1.5 PDH)
Session 3: Design and Detailing of Columns and Joints; 02/13/18 (120 minutes, .2 CEU/2 PDH)
Session 4: Design and Detailing of Two-way Slabs and Walls; 04/10/18 (120 minutes, .2 CEU/2 PDH)
Session 5: Design and Detailing of Diaphragms; 06/12/18 (120 minutes, .2 CEU/2 PDH)
Session 6: Design and Detailing of Foundations; 08/14/18 (120 minutes, .2 CEU/2 PDH)

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