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Manual of Standard Practice
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Soft Cover Book
192 pp.; 29th Edition

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The 29th Edition of the Manual of Standard Practice contains information on recommended industry practices for estimating, detailing, fabricating, and placing reinforcing steel for reinforced concrete construction. Includes suggested specification for reinforcing steel.

 New material includes:

  • Expanded coverage of all 4 types of reinforcing bars
  • Coverage of new bar size #20 where possible
  • Updated and expanded markings for all Grades of reinforcing bars produced in the U.S.
  • Reformat of Chapter 3, Bar Supports, to serve as a Commentary to ANSI/CRSI RB4.1,
    Standard for Supports for Reinforcement used in Concrete
  • Expanded “first bar placement” illustrations for various types of reinforced concrete members
  • Doubled number of Typical Bend Shapes and added coverage of Typical Measuring Points for reinforcing bar fabrication
  • Added coverage of voided concrete slab construction
  • New Chapters on Highways and Bridges and Sustainability in Reinforced Concrete

Product code: 10-MSP-2018