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NAACCR/IACR 2019 Partner Level Conference Sponsor
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Member Price$7,500.00
Non-Member Price$7,500.00
Merchandise Description

Partner Level Sponsor $7500 USD (One opportunity available)

  • Six complimentary conference registrations
  • Sponsorship of the Splash Screen when opening the Conference Mobile Application

  • Partner Level designation at exhibit booth

  • Standard Booth Package in premium location
  • Logo featured on monitor at registration area
  • Acknowledgement from podium as a Partner Level Sponsor
  • Partner Sponsor designation ribbon for representatives
  • Company logo and link on NAACCR / IACR Conference web page until December 31, 2019
  • Organization listing and logo featured in the Final Conference Program as a Partner Level Sponsor
  • Sponsor “Thank You” link on the NAACCR / IACR conference page

*Registration closes on May 1, 2019

A code will be sent to the sponsor to use for the complimentary registrations. Contact Monica Thornton at or at 217-698-0800 ext. 1 with any questions.


1. Rules and Regulations: Organization agrees to use and occupy the assigned space at the stipulated fee and for the purpose of exhibiting, subject to the conditions set forth herein, to NAACCR rules, and to regulations governing the rental of hotel space.

2. Cancelations and Refunds: Organizations canceling before May 1, 2019, are eligible for a refund of fees minus a $100 cancelation fee. Those received on May 1, 2019, or later will not be eligible for a refund. If the Conference is canceled or postponed because of an Act of God, catastrophe, or other occurrence beyond the control of NAACCR, the Organization shall be refunded its payment to NAACCR.

3. Products Displayed: Products or services displayed must be for use in or related to cancer research and data management. NAACCR reserves the right to refuse exhibit space and will act as the sole judge of applicability and fitness of displays.

4. Space Assignment: Space will be assigned by NAACCR to create an orderly traffic flow and to separate competing organizations as well as possible. Physical restrictions or hotel policy in the exhibit area may dictate the space where organizations are assigned.

5. Representation: Organization agrees to authorize a representative to be responsible for and to attend the NAACCR/ IACR Conference during exhibit hours.

6. Management liability: NAACCR, its organizers, agents or employees, or the JW Marriott shall not be liable for any damage to property or loss of business to Organization or any person using its allocated space, or for loss by theft or other means.

7. Infringement: Organization agrees not to display, offer for sale, or sell any goods or services that constitute an act of unfair competition or an infringement of a third party’s intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, patent right, or trademark right.

8. Indemnification: Organization, on behalf of its employees, agents, customers and guests, will protect, indemnify, and hold harmless NAACCR, its organizers, and agents and the JW Marriott against and from any penalty or damage imposed for any violation of any laws or ordinances occasioned, caused, or contributed to by any willful or negligent act of Organization, its employees, agents, or servants. Organization, on behalf of itself, its employees, agents, customers, servants, and guests, will at all times protect, indemnify and hold harmless NAACCR, its organizers, and agents and the JW Marriott against and from any and all loss, cost, claim, liability, damage, or expense arising from any accident or other occurrence in connection with the use or occupation by Organization of its assigned exhibit space, causing injury to any person or property occasioned, caused, or contributed to by any willful or negligent act of the sponsor, its employees, agents, or servants.

9. Defaults: If Organization defaults in any of its obligations under this agreement, including any rule or regulation promulgated pursuant to this agreement, NAACCR may terminate this agreement without notice, retain all funds received on account of the rental as liquidated damages, and remove Organization, its employees, agents, servants, and all its merchandise and personal property from the space assigned.

10. Binding of contract: This agreement shall not be binding until accepted by NAACCR. Organization shall not be entitled to exhibit unless sponsorship fees have been paid in full.

11. By registering as an Exhibitor and/or Sponsor, Organization agrees to the following terms/conditions:

Organization agrees to provide financial sponsorship to underwrite the cost of the NAACCR / IACR 2019 Annual Conference. NAACCR agrees to acknowledge Organization’s contribution as noted on the Levels of Sponsorship list described on 2019 Exhibitor and Sponsor Opportunities section of the NAACCR / IACR Conference web page. As part of this agreement, NAACCR will provide Organization with a 10' x 10' exhibit space to display its products and services if specified as a benefit of the Level of Sponsorship purchased.