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Advanced Topics in Chapter 13 WORKSHOP (RECORDING)
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Description: This panel is in response to the statement, "teach me something I didn't know." Designed for attorneys who are already seasoned or strive to be, the program will give participants new and innovative weapons with which to assist their clients. • Small Business Ch. 13 Issues • Business debtor's reporting and accounting • Valuing a sole proprietorship and “collapsing” the business entity • Early withdrawal tax penalties as non-priority claims • Election of short tax year to create pre-petition tax debt in a chapter 7 • 1099-C issues • Proper application of prior-case payments in refiled chapter 13 cases • “How to” lien strip an unsecured mortgage, including service and discharge issues


RECORDED ON:  June 20, 2019 from 3-6 p.m. Eastern


Speakers:  Trish Mayer, Summer Shaw


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Chapter 13 is easy. Its just filling out a bunch of forms and handing them (and the debtor) to the Trustee. WRONG! Chapter 13 is more complicated and offers more opportunities for the creative and aggressive attorney than any other bankruptcy. Find out how to be that attorney, so that your competition doesn't steal all of your potential clients.