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OF97-665C-Psychoanalytic Group Psychotherapy with Male Sex Offenders with Mental Retardation
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Author: Valerie Sinason, Consultant Research Psychotherapist; Sheila Hollins, Professor of the Psychiatry of Disability, St. Georges Hospital Medical School, London, UK


In this presentation we will present work in progress in psychoanalytic group psychotherapy with male sex offenders with mild to severe learning disability (mental retardation). In this work we use the key concepts we have established in past work with individual and group patients - the need to explore the disability itself, loss, dependency needs, sexual worries and annihilation anxiety. We also examine the need to use a trauma-based therapeutic treatment in which no empathy is expected towards past victims or fantasy ones until there is some empathy for the previously untreated abuses they themselves experienced in childhood.

Produced in 1997