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OF07-1069C-The Essential Elements of the Assessment of Risk in Individuals with DD Who Also - ...
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Author:  Edwin Mikkelsen, M.D., National Mentor Network, Wellesley Hills, MA


This presentation will focus on the essential elements of the assessment risk in individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) who also have a history of criminal offenses. The first section will review the range of outcomes that occur when an individual with DD commits an offense. This discussion will be facilitated by a diagram, which illustrates the multiple different outcomes that can happen when an offense occurs. This introduction will be followed by a review of the most common types of errors that contribute to the over- and under-assessment of risk. The final section will describe a methodology that yields an empirical profile of the individual, based on their prior history and personal characteristics that may act as destabilizing factors in the future.

Produced in 1997