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OF97-684C-Children Who Molest Children: Youth In Treatment
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Author: Diane Cox-Lindenbaum, ACSW, Clinical Consultant, Ridgefield, CT


This presentation provides an overview of a model of a clinical treatment program especially designed for children with disabilities, who have been sexually abused and who manifest the trauma of the abuse through sexually inappropriate and/or sexually molesting behaviors. Through a didactic and experiential therapeutic approach, utilizing modes of individual, play, group and family systems intervention, the program identifies and addresses some of the underlying sources of emotional distress for the child and for the family. It provides a pro-active, comprehensive level of care which encourages ego strength, healing and the development of new coping mechanisms which interrupt the cycle of abuse. The author acknowledges that the system of care is complex and multi-dimensional, however, it provides a working model that offers a prognosis of hopefulness for the child, the family and the community.

Produced 1997