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SI99-850D Sexual Disorders, Development Delay and Endocrine Disorders
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Author: Jerald Bain, B.Sc. Phm., M.D., M.S., Mount Sinai Hospital and University of Toronto, Toronto, ON, Canada


It is beyond the scope of this tape to describe each of these in detail. Our focus will be on the endocrine system and its influence on sexual behaviour. Sexual dysfunction may effect those with or without developemental delay. A lot is known about the role of the endocrine system in normal human sexuality, particularly the pivotal part played by testosterone. The role of endocrine factors in paraphilias, however, continues to need study. Does intracerebral endocrinology differ in various study groups such as paraphilies or the developemental delayed? Does the real impact of endocrine occur in fetal life, in early childhood, at time of puberty? At the clinical level, we know that the developementally delayed, particularly if there is a behavioral problem already in place, require extremely close monitoring in the management of endocrine disturbences.

Produced in 1999