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Evaluation of a Treatment Program for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability Who Have High Risk Behaviors - Focus: Adults/Level: All – 90 minutes
Leslie McKay, MA, Linda Smith, BS, Bethesda Services, St. Catharines, ON, Canada

In the past two decades numerous programs have emerged to treat individuals with developmental disabilities who have sexual offending behaviors. There have, however, been very few studies that systematically examine the effectiveness of long-term treatment with this population. The present research examines the therapeutic outcomes of a multi-modal behavior approach with six individuals with intellectual disabilities previously charged with sexual assault. The participants also exhibited severe behavioral challenges that included verbal aggression, physical aggression, destruction and self-injury. These participants were admitted to a Long Term Treatment Program (LRTP), due to the severity of their behaviors and due to their lack of treatment success in other programs. Individualized treatment plans focused on the reduction of maladaptive behaviors and the enhancing of skills such as positive coping strategies, socio-sexual knowledge, life skills, recreation and leisure skills.

Produced in 2007.