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ST18-2024C Community Support of Individuals at Risk of Challenging Sexual Behavior
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There appears to be increasing interest in supports for people with Intellectual Disabilities at risk of aberrant sexual expression. Those committed to providing such supports are tasked with designing, implementing, and maintaining interventions that provide for safety as well as treatment. Although this is done on a daily basis for non-offending individuals, the risks are often significantly higher for this group. This Webinar will describe specific safety and treatment supports that increase the likelihood of reaching the goal of “No more victims.” The need for assisting the individual to create and maintain an enriched quality of life rather than one void of choice, relationships, vocational, and recreational opportunities will be emphasized. Specific assessment guided supports designed to decrease the likelihood of reoffending and treatment supports implemented by staff will be described.

Marc Goldman was responsible for the design and programmatic implementation of one of the first treatment centers in the Midwest for people charged with criminal offenses who had intellectual disabilities. He is currently in private practice, devoting most of his professional time to the assessment and treatment of people with intellectual disabilities at risk of engaging in a variety of challenging behavior. Marc works closely with support professionals. He collaborates with staff and administrators in development and evaluation of therapeutic interventions. He consults with various public and private agencies and serves as expert witness.