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SY03-989C-Improving Outcomes in Sys of Care: Recognizing Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Dis (FASD)
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Author: Daniel Dubovsky, M.S.W., FAS Specialist, SAMHSA FAS Center for Excellence, Rockville, MD


There are a number of individuals who do not succeed in our traditional treatment systems. They keep failing" and yet often state that they want to succeed. Many also have difficulties at home, school, and in social situations. We frequently view these individuals as non-compliant and unmotivated. One of the reasons for these "failures in treatment" or "difficult to treat" individuals might be FASD. The incidence is higher than we think, and the effects of prenatal alcohol last a lifetime. Most people with FASD look "normal" and are very verbal. However, they have difficulties with cause and effect, following multiple directions, and correctly interpreting the words and actions of others. If you work or live with an individual who consistently gets into difficulty and "just doesn't get it," then this session is for you. We will focus on behaviors of individuals with FASD that interfere with their success and how to improve outcomes in various systems of care.

Produced in 2003.