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SY97-659C-Fragile-X Syndrome and its Psychiatric Phenotype (with comment on the new FRAXE Site)
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Author: Andrew Levitas, M.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry - Division of Prevention and Treatment of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Psychiatry, UMDNJ/SOM, Stratford, New Jersey, USA


Fragile-X Syndrome (FRAXA) is the most common chromosomal cause of mental retardation, with an incidence of 1/1000 live births. The genetics, molecular biology, neurochemistry, physical, behavioral, and psychiatric phenotypes will be described with implications for management and treatment. In addition, the newly discovered Fragile-X-E (FRAXE) Syndrome, a mental retardation syndrome at an adjacent chromosomal site, will be discussed.

Produced 1997