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SY08-1137M-MBeh Phenotypes in People w/Genetic Syndromes: Implications for How & When to Interv
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Behavioral Phenotypes in People with Genetic Syndromes: Implications for How and When to Intervene

Elisabeth Dykens, PhD,Vanderbilt Kennedy University Center, Nashville, TN


This symposium describes ways of measuring behavioral phenotypes, including work that follows people across the lifespan, and that identifies both psychiatric vulnerabilities and positive features of mental health and well-being. Specific examples demonstrate the importance of identifying trajectories of development in people with Prader-Willi, Williams, and Down syndromes from childhood through the adult years. Ways of understanding the positive emotions and strengths of people with these syndromes are also discussed, including how principles and interventions rooted in positive psychology can inform phenotypic research and interventions.



Produced in 2008