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CT11-051B Psychotherapy for Individuals with Intellectual Disability
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Edited by:  Robert J. Fletcher, DSW, ACSW


This book provides the reader with insightful and useful ways to provide psychotherapy treatment for individuals who have intellectual disability (ID).  It brings together all three modalities (individual, couple, and group), and a variety of theoretical models and techniques are discussed.  The first section, Individual Therapy, offers a variety of approaches and techniques including dialectical behavioral therapy, positive psychology, mindfulness-based practice, and relaxation training. Also included in this section are chapters on specialty populations including victims of abuse, people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder, and people in mourning. The second section is a chapter on group therapy addressing trauma issues. The third section is on family and couple therapy. The fourth section covers chapters on research, ethics, and training.  The individual authors are respected authorities in the field of providing psychotherapy treatment for persons with ID and all have contributed to the professional literature. 


This book is a major contribution to the effort to make psychotherapy available to individuals who have ID and should serve to further stimulate interest in the provision of psychotherapy treatment for individuals who have ID co-occurring with significant mental health problems.


Table of Contents


Foreword - Steve Reiss, PhD


Introduction - Robert Fletecher, DSW, ACSW




Chapter 1:  Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Special Populations:  Treatment with Adolescents and Their Caregivers - Margaret Charlton, PhD, ABPP & Eric Dykstra, PsyD


Chapter 2:  Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Adults Who Have Intellectual Disability - Marvin Lew, PhD, ABPP


Chapter 3:  Positive Psychology for Persons with Intrellecutal or Developmental Disabilities - Daniel J. Baker, PhD & Richard Blumberg, PhD


Chapter 4:  The Adaptation & Application of Mindfulness-based Psychotherapeutic Practices for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities - Bronwyn L. Robertson, MSEd, LPC


Chapter 5:  Behavioral Relaxation Training (BRT) for Persons Who Have Intellectual Disability - Theodosia R. Paclawskyj, PhD, BCBA


Chapter 6:  Treating Victims of Sexual & Interpersonal Abuse (in Psychotherapy for People with Intellectual Disabilities) - Nancy J. Razza & Dick Sobsey, EdD


Chapter 7:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Valerie L. Gaus, PhD


Chapter 8:  Psychotherapy for Individuals Who Have Intellectual Disabilities and Are Mourning - Jeffrey Kauffman, MA, LCSW




Chapter 9:  Group Psychotherapy with Trauma Survivors Who Have Intellectual Disabilities - Nancy J. Razza, PhD & Daniel J. Tomasulo, PhD, TEP, MFA




Chapter 10:  Psychotherapy with Families Impacted by Intellectual Disability, Throughout the Lifespan - Judith Hill-Weld, MS, LMFT


Chapter 11:  Couple Therapy for People with Intellectual Disabilities:  A Positive Treatment Model - J. Dale Munro, MSW. RSW, FAAIDD




Chapter 12:  The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy with Persons with Intellectual Disabilities - H. Thompson Prout, PhD & Brooke K. Browning, MS


Chapter 13:  Ethical Issues in Counseling Clients with Disabilities - Dick Sobsey, EdD


Chapter 14:  Training Psychotherapy Interns to Work withy People Who Have Intellectual Disabilities:  Developing Generic Skills and a Multi-Theoretical Approach - Gerald M. Drucker, PhD