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NAFA Guide to Air Filtration, 6th Edition - 2021
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NAFA Guide to Air Filtration, 6th Ed. - Your source for information about air filtration – from the basic principles of filtration and the different types of filtration devices to information about testing, specialized applications, and the role of filtration in Indoor Air Quality.

The 2021 update contains many new materials, charts, graphs, pictures and tables, updates on material that is still relevant. There is a new section, Addendum 7.2 devoted to ISO 16890 and a new table in Chapter 7: HVAC Filter Testing, that compares ASHRAE 52.2-2017, EN779 and the new ISO 16890 test criteria. Also included is information on the new ISO 29463 standard which replaced EN 1822:2009 for HEPA/ULPA filter testing. Chapter 9: Controlled Environments has been updated to cover new standards and updated language relative to the various industries covered. Chapter 12: Indoor Air Quality contains new terminology and an update of 62.1 – 2019, which covers Classes 1-4. Chapter 14: Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation, Photocatalytic Oxidation contains more information, charts, graphs, and tables explaining how this technology is being implemented in the industry.