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Essential Guide to Talking With Gifted Teens
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Like other kids their age, highly capable adolescents experience developmental challenges. They’re forging identity, finding direction, exploring relationships, and learning to resolve conflicts. These are difficult tasks to do alone, no matter how smart one may be. The seventy guided discussions in this book are an affective curriculum for gifted teens. By “just talking” with caring peers and an attentive adult, kids gain self-awareness and self-esteem, learn to manage stress, build social skills and life skills, and discover they are not alone. Each session is self-contained and step-by-step; many include reproducible handouts. Introductory and background materials help even less-experienced group leaders feel prepared and secure in their role.

ISBN: 978-1-57542-260-2
Author: Jean Sunde Peterson, Ph.D.
Publisher: Free Spirit
Audience: Advising teachers, counselors, and youth workers working with gifted kids in grades 6–12
Pages: 288