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Portraits in Gifted Education: Legacy Series: 2) A Conversation with Joe Renzulli
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The objective of The Legacy Series is to create a permanent record, in image and voice, of prominent individuals who have devoted their energy and professional talents to enhancing the lives of our nation’s most able learners. NAGC’s Conceptual Foundations Network is committed to guiding the efforts to document, profile, and preserve the theories of our eminent leaders in a manner that will honor them and capture their contributions for future generations of advocates and educators. With that in mind, Joe Renzulli’s exemplary work in the field of identifying and developing high levels of potential in young people is to be celebrated, explored and shared. In addition to examining his research and educational theories for all children, it also includes a biography of Joe’s life.

Interviewed by: Abbey Block Cash with Stuart Omdal
Presented by: The Conceptual Foundations Network of the National Association for Gifted Children
Format: DVD, 97 Min/2009