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Parent Associate Membership ($59 per year)

At NAGC, we believe a well-informed parent is a more effective parent advocate. Parent membership in NAGC offers you tools to support your child’s optimal development and continued growth in and out of school.

  • You’ll receive our award-winning magazine, Parenting for High Potential and Teaching for High Potential packed with great tips and ideas to help you make learning a fun and rewarding experience for your child.
  • Membership also entitles you to discounts on all NAGC publications, including those focused exclusively on you and your child like Parenting Gifted Children and the The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guide. Or you may be interested in the series of 13 FAQ brochures that NAGC produces.
  • Whether you're tackling big questions about giftedness or looking for resources, you can find answers on the NAGC website 24/7.
  • Work with advocacy experts at the federal level to raise public awareness of the unique needs of gifted children and ensure that funding continues to be made available to improve educational opportunities that promote educational excellence across the U.S.
  • Do you have a special interest. You will receive a follow-up email the gives you the option to select up to 3 networks. 

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