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A Twice-Exceptional Discussion to Help Teachers & Parents Better Advocate for Services(Recorded)
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Hear the latest research findings in twice-exceptionality, and how these findings can be applied to practice and advocacy efforts. The discussion that follows will include: common 2e learning profiles and how 2e kids are often missed in modern educational settings; and, the importance of comprehensive assessment in determining specific learning disorders and developmental disorders which impact learning and performance.

In advance of the session, read the NAGC Position Paper "Ensuring Gifted Children with Disabilities Receive Appropriate Services: Call for Comprehensive Assessment." The paper makes five recommendations to improve identification processes so that 2e students will be recognized and served as having both gifts and talents and disability(ies). View the Gifted Child Quarterly blog for additional resources.

Speakers: Megan Foley Nicpon, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa; Dan Peters, Summit Center, Walnut Creek, CA