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FAQ Brochures
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A set of FAQ brochures includes 13 different pamphlets with the following titles:

1 * What Type of Program is Best for Gifted Learners?

2 * What are the Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted Students?
3 * Should My Child Be Tested for Gifts and Talents?

4 * My Child May Have ADHD, What Should I do?

5 * How Can Gifted Students' Needs Be Met in Mixed-Ability Classrooms?  
6 * How Can My School Better Serve Diverse Gifted Students?
7 * What Should I Know About Bright Preschool Children?

8 * What Should I know About ACCELERATION?
9 * How Should We Evaluate Programs for Gifted Learners?

10 * How Can I Develop My Child's Musical Talent?
11 * Perfectionism: When Does Being Too Good Become A Problem?
12 * Can Your Child Be Both Gifted & An Underachiever?

13 * Is College Planning Different for Gifted Children?

These tri-fold pamphlets are also available for $25.00 per 100 (of one title). If you would like to order large quantities of different FAQ titles, contact the National Office at (202) 785-4268.