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LIVE WEBINAR June 24, 2015: Changing the Culture: Developing Creative Problem Solvers
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June 24, 2015, 12:00PM-1:00PM EST


Changing the Culture: Developing Creative Problem Solvers

Presented by: Eric L. Mann, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Hope College, Holland, MI

Mathematics embraces creativity and beauty yet often our children are immersed in classroom activities where these attributes are hidden by an overemphasis on algorithms, computational speed and known answers that can be found in the back of the book or with a quick Google search. From the research we know that many students have negative attitudes towards mathematics which may foster the development of the reluctant, impatient problem solvers.  To overcome these issues, Eric Mann calls for a change in the culture to one that both acknowledges and values the creative nature of mathematics.  Explore what it means to be a creative problem solver and how embracing the creativity of our students fosters positive and productive attitudes in mathematics and the STEM disciplines.