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RONR In Practice
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Whether you are new to NAP or are far along in your parliamentary procedure journey, there is always something new to learn. Michelangelo noted, “I am still learning,” so here is your opportunity to keep learning and take your parliamentary procedure practice to the next level.

As a ready reference geared to provide you with the tools for effectively using Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) as a resource for serving as a parliamentarian, and to assist you with researching difficult or unusual questions, NAP is excited to offer you the RONR In Practice package. The package includes a spiral bound RONR, an index tab set for RONR, and RONR on CD (please note that the CD requires Windows or a Windows emulator).

NAP is always here to help you grow, and the RONR In Practice package is something we are proud to offer you as part of our ongoing commitment to you as you grow as a parliamentarian and, to those of you who are longtime practitioners, to sharpen your skills even more. This is a must-have package!