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Intelligent Search Managing The Intelligence Process In The Search For Missing Persons
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The foundation that starts every missing person incident is the investigation and gathering of information that must be analyzed to produce actionable intelligence to aid in and direct the search effort.  This book illustrates what information needs to be collected, how it should be collected from various sources of information and what additional investigative resources are necessary to accomplish these tasks.  This requires a unique partnership between law enforcement and search and rescue resources.  The book covers the definition of the intelligence collection process in the context of a missing person incident, how investigation/intelligence fits into the incident command system (ICS) and search organization, and the types of information that should be obtained.  In additon, the book is broken into components, that cover the face-to-face interview, other types of interviews, and other sources of investigative information.  There are also helpful preplanning suggestions and reflex tasks to consider when gathering various tpes of intelligent information  In the appendices are forms including a comprehensive Missing Person Questionaire/Interview/Guideline form, as well as other useful forms.