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Basic Navigation For Search And Rescue and Survival
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Many of our skills, especially navigation, are perishable and we don't get many opportunities between SAR missions and trainings to practice those skills.  For many of us this means that at o-dark-thirty, in a driving rainstorm and short of caffeine, we might need a little refresher, confidence builder or safety check.

To assist your response, we have partnered with Waterford Press to develop a lightweight, pocket-sized series of waterproof guides.  The guides are small enough to fit in the chest pocket of your uniform shirt, yet unfolded, they provide a wealth of mission critical information complete with color illustrations.  Our first guide is "Basic Navigation for Search And Rescue And Survival".

These pocket guides are only 3.75" x 5.5" when folded, but unfold to provide information covering an 18.5" x 11" waterproof and color document.

The navigation guide will assist your map and compass work.  It is up to date with the US National Grid (USNG) system, triangulation techniques, aiming off, measuring distance in the field, as well as, some techniques to navigate in a survival situation.

We recognize that SAR responders are primarily volunteers and pay for most of their own training and gear.  We kept the SAR volunteer in mind and priced the guides at an affordable price.