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Managing the Inland Search Function
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The Managing The Inland Search Function (MISF) Textbook is the replacement for the NASAR MLPI and the ERI MLSO textbooks.  NASAR and ERI partnered together to produce this updated and state-of-the-art search management textbook.  This text serves agency personnel and volunteer responders routinely arriving as first on-scene at missing or lost person incidents and for the follow-on overhead staff for longer operations.  The book provides techniques for objective assessments, guidance for planning, and shows how to establish documentation regardless of incident length or complexity.

"Managing the Inland Search Function" provides the essence of what the first-on-scene Incident Commander will initiate, manage and document for Search and Rescue incidents from initial response through suspending search operations and demobilization of resources.  In addition, look for the newly published Handbook designed to supplement the materials in the Textbook and guide search manger on-scene.

"Managing the Inland Search Function" represents a comprehensive guide to preplanning, operations in wilderness, rural and urban environments, managing external influences and after action tasks for Search and Rescue incidents in any jurisdiction.