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Member Price$225.00
New Member Price$225.00
Membership Description

Tribal Government membership is open to members representing the government of federally recognized Indian tribes who are appointed by the appropriate senior tribal official.  This category shall be voting members of NCJA.

The tribal government membership includes member benefits for three employees. Benefits of tribal government membership include:

  • The opportunity to be elected as a regional representative to the NCJA governing body, the Advisory Council
  • The opportunity to be elected or appointed to the NCJA board of directors
  • Three subscriptions to Justice Bulletin, NCJA’s weekly newsletter
  • Three subscriptions to InfoLetter, a weekly email newsletter highlighting Congressional and Federal activities affecting state, tribal and local criminal and juvenile justice.
  • Voting privileges in all NCJA elections
  • Discounted registration for NCJA's Forum on Criminal Justice and other meetings for all justice practitioners in member tribe.
  • The opportunity to provide national leadership in shaping the future of the American justice system through interaction with other state and tribal justice leaders and participation in NCJA activities and committees.
  • Access to the members only section of the NCJA website for each employee who receives member benefits.
  • Participation in NCJA's online community Connect2Justice for each employee who receives member benefits.
  • Access to the Connect2Grants Library for each employee who receives member benefits.
  • Free registration for the NCJA Members Only Webinar Series for each employee who receives member benefits
Membership InformationThis is an Anniversary based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:2/1/2023Referred By:1/31/2024