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Public Agency memberships are open to state and local public agencies. Public agency members are non-voting members of the NCJA.

Public agency membership also includes subscriptions, members only website access and Connect2Justice access for a select number of agency employees depending upon dues level. The benefits of this membership include:

  • Subscription(s) to Justice Bulletin, NCJA's weekly newsletter
  • Subscription (s) to InfoLetter, a weekly email newsletter highlighting Congressional and Federal activities affecting state, tribal and local criminal and juvenile justice.
  • Access to the members only section of the NCJA web site for each employee who receives member benefits.
  • Participation in NCJA's online community, Connect2Justice for each employee who receives member benefits.
  • Free registration to the NCJA Members Only Webinar series for each employee who receives member benefits
  • Access to the Short Takes Grant Library for each employee who receives member benefits.
  • Discounted registration for NCJA's National Forum and other regional conferences.
  • Ability to influence national policy through consultation with Congressional leaders and administration officials.
  • Opportunity to provide national leadership in shaping the future of the American  justice system through interaction with other state and tribal justice leaders and participation in NCJA activities and committees.
  • Access to research by the NCJA staff.

Annual dues for Public Agency members are based upon the number of employees receiving benefits:

  • 1-4 employees receiving benefits- $200
  • 5-6 employees receiving benefits- $400
  • 7-9 employees receiving benefits- $600
Membership InformationThis is an Anniversary based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:2/1/2023Referred By:1/31/2024
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