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Prevention of Bug Bites, Stings, and Disease
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Merchandise Description
Daniel Strickman, Stephan P. Frances, and Mustapha Debboun (2009)

Here is all the information you will ever need—no matter where you are—to identify, avoid, and protect yourself against all manner of blood-sucking or venomous arthropods. Topics covered range from scorpions, spiders, ants, and bees to mites, ticks, lice, bedbugs, sand flies, biting midgies, mosquitoes, and horseflies. Attractive line drawings and color photographs held identify bugs accurately, and information on each bug’s particular habits and habitats allows readers to minimize potentially annoying, painful, and even lethal encounters.

This book is packed with helpful tips on using barriers—window-screens, bed nets, smoky coils, and proper clothing—and on choosing the right repellent for the right bug in the right place. Readers also will learn how to apply pesticides safely and effectively. Based upon the best available science, this well-illustrated, crystal clear guide is a useful reference for public health professionals and the public.
323 pages, paperback.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Graham B. White

1. What’s Biting Me?
2. Location, Location, Location
3. When Is Enough Enough?
4. Stop Them at the Source
5. WANTED: Dead or Dead
6. Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
7. Suit Up!
8. Put on Something Natural
9. Repellents That Work
10. Formulation: The Choice Is Up to You
11. How Do I Know What Works?
12. How Do I Know That It’s Safe?
13. Will It Hurt? Toxic Stings and Bites
14. Future Directions
15. Putting It All Together


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